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Desalination Evaporator Antiscalant SeaAnti-19
Product name : Desalination Evaporator Antiscalant SeaAnti-19
Product No. : 201712212217
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Desalination Evaporator Antiscalant

SeaAnti-19 is a blend of deposit control agents designed for use in desalination evaporators. Low doses of this product are effective in preventing in-organic scales that reduce thermal efficiency and require periodic shutdowns for acid cleaning. SeaAnti-19 functions as a crystal inhibitor which effectively increases the solubility of dissolved salts. Any crystals that form are modified and dispersed so that adherent scales cannot form on heat transfer surfaces in the evaporator.

Technical Specification
Appearance: Yellow liquid
Density, g/cm3 at 21℃: 1.2~1.3
pH: 12~13
Viscosity (cps 21℃): 8 cps
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
Freeze Point : -7℃

 Maximizes thermal efficiency of MED systems
 Provides excellent CACO3 inhibition
 Reduces or eliminates acid cleaning

SeaAnti-19 was specifically developed for Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) plants. Experience has shown that CaCO3 is the primary component of scale in these evaporator systems. While SeaAnti-19 is effective in dispersing a variety of scale-forming compounds, it was formulated primarily to inhibit CaCO3 formation. SeaAnti-19 has been shown to be far more effective in controlling CaCO3 than traditional antiscalants, including those based on polymaleic acid polymers and copolymers. SeaAnti-19 is stable in chlorinated systems.

Proper dosage levels for SeaAnti-19 depend on many factors, such as feedwater TDS, pH, calcium levels, and other conditions specific to individual applications. For most MED/MSF systems the dosage is in the range of 3 to 6 mg/L. In MED systems, SeaAnti-19 should be fed to the feedwater line, downstream of the condenser outlet. In MSF systems, SeaAnti-19 should be fed to the feedwater line, upstream of the heat recovery section. Continuous feed is recommended for optimum performance.

Storage and Packing
Store SeaAnti-19 at cool and dry place under moderate temperatures and protect from freezing. If this product is frozen during shipment or storage, slight mixing may be required to ensure homogeneity. 25kg per drum for packing or packing can be customized.
Shelf life will be 2years.

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