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Paper Making Retention Aid PaAid-825
Product name : Paper Making Retention Aid PaAid-825
Product No. : 201713214945
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Paper Making Retention Aid

PaAid-825 is a low charge density and high-molecular weight, water-in-oil cationic emulsion acrylamide polymer. As a new type and high effect of retention aid, it is specially designed and widely used for paper making industry. Either for alkali or acid paper-making process. The excellent retention performance is its obvious feature.

Technical Specification
Appearance: Emulsion liquid
Density, g/cm3 at 21℃: 1.1~1.3
Molecular weight:5-10million
Degree of ion:45-50%
Solid content: 35-50%
pH: 3-7
Dissolving time:5-10minutes

1. Significantly increase the retention of fines and fillers in the pulp. Fiber and raw materials cost are reduced and saved.
2. Good retention rate for tiny fiber, colloid and fillers which could improve and guarantee the quality of paper.
3. Reducing the concentration and solid content of white water which could reduce the load of white water recovery equipment and sewage treatment factory.
4. Enhance the rate of water loss on the screen cloth so that to further improve the running speed of machine or reduce the steam consumption.
5. Improving clearness of screen blank which can prolong its application performance and usage period.
6. Effectively improve paper sizing value and reduce the usage to sizing agent.
7. Reduce the deposit of system and help clean harmful matter an improve paper machine running performance.
8. Green Environmental Product, no containing any harmful composites.

1. Diluted concentration: 0.08-0.15%
2. Diluted method: Adding water of 50% volume of the tank to make the stirrer fully dipped and then slowly add the specific dosage of chemical into the tank as per diluted concentration.
3. Dosage/per ton of bone dry pulp: Usually the dosage is 0.2-0.4kg/ton. Specific and proper dosage as per specific situations and trial test.

Storage and Packing
Store PaAid-825 at cool and dry place under moderate temperatures and protect from freezing and heating. Completely and mix thoroughly prior to use.
25Kg plastic drum, 200liter drum and IBC for packing. Also can be customized.

Shelf life will be 2years.

Paper Making Retention Aid PaAid-825,Cation Polyacrylamide, Paper additives, paper making retention and drainage agent

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