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A >> Who We Are? _7th May,2016

Weihai Abokem Co.,Ltd

Weihai Abokem Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive chemicals supplying company which has seven factories located in different cities of China. The chemicals can be widely used in water treatment system, RO plant, MED/MSF plant, cooling water system, boiler system, gas turbine system, paper making process, surface treatment process, water transfer printing process, oil refinery process, R&D labs etc. And the chemicals including antiscalant, cleaner, biocide, flocculant, reducing agent, corrosion inhibitor, corrosion and scale inhibitor, dispersant, defoamer, pretreatment filming agent, molluscacide, oxygen scavenger, H2S scavenger, softener, retention aid, fungicide, demulsifier, emulsion breaker, antifouling agent, vanadium corrosion inhibitor, fuel additives, activator, AR reagents, PAM, PAC, polymer, neat chemicals, blend chemicals and some parts and accessories.

Over the past years, with our excellent service and fast response and competing quality products, we already won the good reputations from overseas and domestic customers.

We are still doing better and always looking for more cooperation from all over the world. Because trust bridge, we cooperate, because cooperation, we built bright and win-win future.

Our Vision

To be one of the most professional chemicals supplier;

Our Mission

Always supply quality-top and cost-competitive chemicals to our customers

Our Values

Supply quality-guaranteed products with competitive price by fast and excellent service.

Our Philosophy

Safety, Green, Innovation, Competition, Win-Win, Sustainable

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